Stories By The Shore Producer Anirudh Vallabh Presents !!

Actor Vishvath starrer “Rocket Driver” – A New-fangled Fantasy Drama-Comedy Entertainer

Producer Anirudh Vallabh of Stories By The Shore production house is ambitiously bankrolling a unique project titled ‘Rocket Driver’, which is directed by debutant Sriram Ananthashankar. The film, a fantasy drama-comedy entertainer, by its genre, features Vishvath in the lead role.

An autorickshaw driver, with his share of flaws, often voices his dissatisfaction with various aspects of life. He has an undying dream to change the world but doesn’t seem to do anything about it. What’s truly astounding is he happens to encounter the 17-year-old version of his role model and things get weirder for the protagonist as he and his role model figure out the reasons for this strange incident. How and why are the questions , the duo has to answer to send his role model back to his reality.  

Debutant Vishvath plays the lead role in this movie along with National award winner Naga Vishal, with an ensemble star-cast including Kathadi Ramamurthy, Sunaina, Jagan and many others. Kaushik Krish is composing the music, and Regimel Surya Thomas is handling cinematography for this film, which has a technical crew comprising Iniyavan Pandiyan (Editor), Prem Karunthamalai (Art), Shilpa Iyer (Costume Designing), Suresh Ravi (DI) Selvendran (Production Executive), Sankaran & Siddartha (Sound Design), Aravind Menon (Sound Mix), Sree Hari Charan (Publicity Designer)

This new age fantasy film, which is written by Akshay Poolla, Prasanth S, and Sriram Ananthashankar with the latter directing this project. The plans are in full swing to release the film by August 2024.