SP Cinemas collaborates with filmmaker Raju Murugan for the production of Content oriented movies

SP Cinemas and filmmaker Raju Murugan have officially announced their collaboration to produce content oriented movies in Tamil.

SP Cinemas has been a pillar in escalating the value of many content-driven Tamil movies by producing and distributing them. On the counterpart, writer-director Raju Murugan has been an iconic emblem of Tamil Cinema, who is illustrious for his beautiful and realistic creations. Now both reputed brands are coming together to produce many valuable and content-driven movies, which will encourage and exhibit the potential of both aspiring and well-experienced actors, directors, and technicians.

They strongly believe this collaboration will open gates for the talented individuals, who’ve been dreaming of a breakthrough in the industry. The official announcement pertaining to these projects will be made soon.

Filmmaker Raju Murugan holds special attention for making movies that have touched the hearts of audiences with the native essence including the National award-winning movie Joker, Cuckoo, Gypsy, and Karthi’s upcoming film ‘Japan’ scheduled for Diwali release.