“Route No 17” Movie Review

Under the adept direction of Abhilash G. Devan, “Route No 17” stars Jithan Ramesh in the lead role, complemented by a stellar cast including Anju Pandia and Hareesh Peradi. The storyline revolves around the mysterious occurrences within the Sathyamangalam forest, specifically focusing on a long-forbidden path that exposes its perilous secrets after three decades of guarded silence.

“Route No 17” transcends the boundaries of mere entertainment; it immerses the audience in the very heart of the Sathyamangalam forest. The narrative pivots around a forbidden path that becomes the epicenter of a series of mysterious events. Intrigued trespassers, lured by curiosity, venture onto this path, meeting untimely demises. Jithan Ramesh’s character plays a pivotal role in unraveling the hidden secrets within the forest, enriching the storyline with multiple layers.

The storyline unravels as a group of explorers decides to defy the prohibition of Route No 17, a path shrouded in secrecy for thirty years. Tension reaches a crescendo as these trespassers meet a tragic end on the same fateful evening. The film takes an unexpected turn, exposing dark and ominous forces at play within the Sathyamangalam forest. The narrative not only unfolds the suspenseful events but interlaces emotional backstories, crafting a multi-dimensional cinematic journey.

In his solo hero project, Jithan Ramesh delivers a laudable performance, infusing emotional depth into the narrative. Anju Pandiya, as the leading lady, contributes to the chemistry propelling the film forward. Hareesh Peradi’s portrayal of the antagonist adds an intense layer to the performances. The supporting cast, including Amar Ramachandran, Nihas, and Akil Prabhakaran, complements the lead actors, amplifying the overall impact of the film.

The film’s success is attributed to its adept handling of mystery interwoven with emotional narratives. Abhilash G. Devan’s direction establishes a suspenseful atmosphere, immersing viewers in the eerie realm of Route No 17. The interconnected events and emotional depth of the characters elevate the film beyond a conventional mystery thriller.

Moreover, cinematography plays a pivotal role in building the suspenseful ambiance, effectively capturing the mystique of the forbidden route. The performances, particularly by Jithan Ramesh, contribute to the emotional resonance of the film, allowing audiences to invest in the characters’ journeys.

Cast – Jithan Ramesh, Harish Peradi, Madhan Kumar, Anju Dandia and Dr. Amar Chandran

Produced by – Neni Entertainments,Written and Directed by – Abhilash G. Devan