Project C – Chapter 2


Sri is an educated youth who does not get a job. So he joins as an assistant to a differently abled scientist. A young female cook is also in the house.

They both become friendly. However, the girl’s husband doubts whether his wife and Sri are in an illegal affair.

Meanwhile, Chaams comes as an physiotherapist to treat the scientist. At one stage, the life of the scientist is under threat for his property.

Who plans to murder the scientist. Did the scientist survive the plot or not forms the rest of the story.


Director Vino has weaved an interesting story with minimal characters and properties. He has managed to maintain the suspense element till the climax.

Shri delivers a natural performance, be it as the struggling youth or while enjoying the luxurious life he has shown subtle variations.

Vasudha Krishnamoorthy as the female lead is very impressive in her role. The way in which he handles the different characters in the movie is laudable.

Chaams mouths several one liners which add to the humour element of the movie.

Ramji as the differently abled scientist manages to convey his thoughts through his expressions.

Cinematographer Sathish Anandh has captured the proceedings which takes place in a small house. Sibu Sugumaran’s music is good.

Rating: 3.4/5