Producer VA Durai Passes Away

VA Durai who produced films such as produced films including Pithamagan, Looti, Gajendra passed away due to ill health at the age of 59.

VA Durai also worked as an executive producer in Rajinikanth’s ‘Baba’. Actor Rajinikanth had paid him 51 lakh rupees as salary for the film. After that he became a full time producer and produced various films in Tamil.

VA Durai is suffering from diabetes. Separated from his wife and daughter, he is currently living alone in a house in Virugambakkam.

He was treated at the hospital with the help of director SP Muthuraman and returned home.

However, the wounds on his leg are still not healed. In addition, he is suffering from lack of money for daily medical expenses. He also became very slim due to diabetes. He recently released a video about this.