Prisma AI Expands Partnership with Adani Group to Implement “Desk of Goodness” at Four Additional Airports

Underscores the commitment to deliver exceptional airport experiences and promote the values of "AI for Good”.

Prisma AI, a leader in computer vision technology, is delighted to announce the expansion of its strategic  partnership with the Adani Group, the renowned multinational conglomerate. This expansion initiative  underscores the commitment of both organizations to deliver exceptional airport experiences and promote the values of  “AI for Good” 

Prisma AI and the Adani Group initially collaborated to launch the innovative  “Desk of Goodness” system at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (SVPIA) in Ahmedabad and have been delivered to 5 more airports. This system has significantly improved passenger assistance and safety in departure and pre-security areas at SVPIA.

The “Desk of Goodness” system, powered by Prisma AI’s Visual AI technology, epitomizes the “;AI for Good”concept. It extends compassionate support to passengers with diverse needs, including elderly travellers, mothers with infants, and individuals requiring wheelchair assistance.

Dr. Shreeram Iyer, Chairman and Group CEO, Prisma AI, said “Prisma AI is proud to expand its partnership  with the Adani Group, a visionary leader in the airport sector. Through the ‘Desk of Goodness’  system, we aim to make travel more inclusive, efficient, and secure, setting new benchmarks  for airport experiences.”

Leveraging Prisma AI’s proprietary Visual AI algorithms, the system proactively identifies incidents such as falls or unusual passenger behaviour. Equipped with smart tablets, goodness champions stationed at the desk receive real-time notifications about travellers in need, enabling swift and efficient assistance. This Visual AI technology sets new industry standards for operational intelligence and situational awareness. It enhances safety, security, efficiency, and the overall passenger experience at Adani airports, instilling trust and elevating customer satisfaction.

AI is playing a key role in making positive contributions to society by enhancing efficiency and convenience, driving “AI for Good”. The collaboration between Prisma AI and Adani airports is a prime example of this concept. By harnessing the power of AI, Prisma AI and Adani airports are dedicated to simplifying the travel experience for passengers and travellers. The continued partnership between Prisma AI and the Adani Group signifies a mutual commitment to innovation and excellence in airport services, aligning with Adani Group’s core values – Creativity, Courage, Security, and Safety.


Mr. Shreeram Iyer is the Chairman and Group CEO of Prisma AI Corporation and Entire Group from December 2012 till date and the Managing Director of Prisma Technologies Pte. Ltd Since October 2019.

A Visionary and expert, He has developed and executed business strategies to achieve short and long-term goals. He developed and implemented business plans to improve cost- efficiency. He has successfully maintained positive and trust-based relations with business partners, shareholders, and authorities.

He has been responsible in Overseeing the company’s business operations, financial performance, investments, and ventures. He supervised, guided, and delegated Sr. management their KRA’s. He ensured company policies and legal guidelines are clearly communicated. He assesses, manages, and resolves problematic developments and situations. He has expertly Built and enhanced the company’s public profile at events, speaking engagements, etc.

In all he has been responsible for the growth and Profitability of the entire group. He is Responsible for the new product and solution developments of the group.  Guiding and nurturing various depts. like, Technology, sales, HR, marketing to name a few on their strategies and structure along with professionals of that depts. Is one of his strong suits.

He has charismatically built relationships with new and existing alliance partners along with the team. He has Been Personally responsible for Research and Development of the entire group on products.

His keen interests are in Information Technology, Computer Vision and Data Science, Astronomy and Pure Science.

As Sr. Vice President – International operation at Patni Computer Systems Ltd. (PCS Patni’s), he was in charge of Global Operation for the Consulting, Extended and offshore development Division of the company, this includes Professional, services ODC, EDC. He was Responsible for the Entire P&L including deliverables. Presently the Vertical is 12 million USD. He was also responsible for Sales, Marketing, Support with deliverables, and strategy for quality deliverable along process, implementation and deployment.

While heading the Global Operations for Consulting and Projects on Time and Material and Fixed Bid, He initiated strategy, process and other relevant documentation for the company from a global perspective. He also Initiated discussion with the MAP’s and associates domestic and globally for sales and services. He also Added new major accounts for EDC like Prisma – Germany, Bridge IT – Denmark, SAAB- Sweden, ADIB- Dubai, CBB – Bahrain, Credit Suisse – Singapore, Westpac Bank, Pisces, Generate – Australia.

He also activated few major accounts for immediate revenue generation and deliverables. He managed to Set up an office in Australia and Europe successfully in a span of 23 months.

He also worked as Senior Vice President & Head Asia Pac. At Gamapiy InfoTech and Motorola Wireless.

As Strategic IT Advisor- Government of Germany, he worked On the BOD of the NRW Invest. He also managed Bilateral Relations between India and the German State of NRW in the field of Information Technology.

Educational Qualifications

He Finished his Degree in Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Mechanical Engineering from the university of Mumbai in 1995. He went on to pursue his Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science. He then completed his Masters in Science and astronomy from the Kansas State university. He then went on to complete his Masters in Marketing Management (MMM) from 1996 to 1999. He has also pursued EP, Artificial Intelligence and Business specifications from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (2018-19).

 Top Skills

Some of his Top skills include Business Specifications in Vision based AI, Productization, Strategic Planning and Implementation, Partner Structuring, Networking and lobbying.


Some of his biggest Achievements are being Honored as a Strategic IT Advisor for the NRW German Government, was honored as a dinner guest by Senator Richard Alston (Australian IT Minister), was also a dinner guest of the Governing Vice President of Uganda was podium speaker for many IT events like SMAU, Cebit, Now, Nasscom, Tie-con to name a few. Received Awards from Employers for excellent performances. Received Awards from Kansas College (USA) for further studies (Scholarship). Associated as Honorary scientist with Nehru planetarium Mumbai, for Astronomical activity and development of consoles in the solar telescope. Received the Quality training and sales training from Motorola Asia Pac Division.