PM Modi speaks for two hours in Parliament, replies to Rahul Gandhi’s allegations

Rising to address Parliament on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made perhaps his longest speech ever.

Modi, replying to a two-day debate on the President’s address to both houses of Parliament, took aim at the Congress, Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi and the INDI alliance.

This came a day after Rahul Gandhi used a picture of Lord Shiva to attack the Centre and triggered a row when he said those who call themselves Hindus are engaged in “violence and hate” round the clock.

Modi, speaking in the backdrop of alleged irregularities including paper leaks in competitive examinations such as the NEET and the NET, also said the Centre was on a war footing to curb incidents of paper leaks.

The prime minister’s speech came amid much sloganeering and disruption by the opposition.

“We saw childish behaviour in Lok Sabha yesterday,” Modi said, according to The Times of India. “The entire Congress ecosystem is busy pleasing a child these days.”

Modi said the House witnessed the wailing of a person with “balak buddhi” (childish behaviour) who tried to gain sympathy without disclosing the wrongs he had committed.

Modi slammed the Congress for attempting to paint a narrative that they had performed well in the recent polls.