Pagalpathu Utsavam, Vaikuntaekadasi & Raapathu Utsavam @ Lord Sri Parthasarathy Temple, Triplicane, Chennai

Pagalpathu Utsavam, Vaikuntaekadasi &  Raapathu Utsavam  are  being celebrated  @ Lord Sri Parthasarathy Temple, Triplicane, Chennai

Pagalpathu Utsavam started from 13.12.2023  and concludes on 22.12.2023 from 2.30 pm to 8 pm
Raapathu Utsavam is from 24.12.2023 to  02.01.2024

On VAIKUNTAEKADASI  23.12.2023  From 2.30 AM to Night 10.30 PM Mulavar Dharshan will take place.

@ 4.15 am Utchavar Lord Sri Parthasarathy Inside Pragharam Purapadu  and   Paramabadha Vasal Opening @ 4.30  am.

From Morning 5.30  AM to Night 10.30 PM Free Dharshan and Kannigai Kattina Dharshan.

Night 10 PM for Lord Sri Parthsarathy  Thirumanjanam.
On Vaikundaekadasi day night 11.30 PM Lord Sri Parthasarathy Utchavar and Nammalvar Periya Veedhi Purapaddu.

On VAIKUNDAEKADASI day there will be free Prasadam and Annadanam to the devotees. 
There will be Paramapadha Vasal Sevai  from  24.12.2023  to 31.12.2023 at  evening 4.15 pm    and  on 01.01.2024  at 9 AM
The festival concludes on 02.01.2024  through Yearpa Charttumarai.
Tamilnadu Police Department will be doing all necessary security arrangements for Law & Order and Trafic.
All necessary and important arrangements for the same are being  made by Smt S NITHYA, M.A M.L,  Deputy Commissioner / EO / Tarkar and Temple staffs.