‘Operation Ajay’ set to evacuate Indian nationals from Israel

India has launched Operation Ajay to facilitate the return from Israel of its citizens who wish to return.

In a social media post External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar said, special charter flights and other arrangements being put in place.

He said, Government is fully committed to the safety and well-being of Indian nationals abroad. Indian Embassy in Israel said, it has emailed the first lot of registered Indian citizens for the special flight today.

It said, messages to other registered people will follow for subsequent flights. The Embassy said, it has been working constantly to help fellow citizens in Israel through a 24-hour helpline. It urged people to remain calm and vigilant and follow the security advisories.

In view of the ongoing developments in Israel and Palestine, a 24-hour Control Room has been set up in the Ministry of External Affairs to monitor the situation and provide information and assistance.

The Representative Office of India in Ramallah has also set up a 24-hour emergency helpline.