Nurturing India’s brightest students to think big, think green, think digital: Applications invited for Reliance Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships 2023-24

• Merit-based Postgraduate Scholarship grants up to Rs. 6 lakhs for 100 first year students of nine future- ready fields
• The Reliance Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship includes a strong development programme in  addition to the grant, including sector expert interactions, industry exposure and volunteering opportunities
• Applications invited from across India. Last date to apply is 17th December 2023

Reliance Foundation is inviting applications for its prestigious postgraduate scholarships that aim to  nurture world-class talent. Applications are open to first- year postgraduate students in nine fields of study  that aim to reimagine and build India’s growth. Applications are open until 17 th December 2023.

Resonating with the rapid advancements on technology fronts including digital, renewable and new  energy, and biotechnology, the Reliance Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship aims to nurture future  leaders of tomorrow who have the potential to develop new solutions and innovations in these fields for  the benefit of all.

“India’s youth are well-poised to shape the nation’s progress in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  The Reliance Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship will identify and empower the country’s brightest  young minds who can think big, think green, think digital for the benefit of society. We aim to create a  cohort of excellence every year to power India’s new era of growth,” said Mr. Jagannatha Kumar, CEO, Reliance Foundation.

Since 2020, the merit-based scholarship for excellence in postgraduate studies, has supported 178  students. Reliance Foundation Postgraduate scholars from past cohorts have embarked on professional  journeys in roles that leverage technologies to drive transformation and impact for a better tomorrow. For  the graduated scholars, the scholarship proved to be a platform that  enriched their educational and  learning experience, led them to industry-leading mentors, acquire skills and place themselves on  successful career paths.

The top 100 students selected for the scholarship will be awarded a grant of up to Rs. 6 lakh for the entire  duration of study along with a holistic development programme that includes expert interactions, industry  exposure and volunteering opportunities. Scholars will be selected following a rigorous process that  includes application evaluation, aptitude test and interviews with leading experts.

The Reliance Foundation postgraduate scholarships will identify students who can demonstrate qualities  of excellence, leadership potential, integrity, community commitment, growth mindset and courage. Those  first-year postgraduate students pursuing full-time courses in India in Computer Science, Artificial  Intelligence, Mathematics & Computing, Electrical and/or Electronics Engineering, Chemical Engineering,  Mechanical Engineering, Renewable & New Energy, Material Science & Engineering and Life Sciences are invited to apply.

For more details, please visit The last date for submitting applications  is 17 th December 2023.