Muhurath celebration for Prithvi Ambar’s new pan India Movie “CHOWKIDAR”.

The shooting for actor Prithvi Ambar’s upcoming pan India movie ‘Chowkidar’ has commenced. The Muhurat ceremony took place at Bande Mahakali temple in Bangalore. Producer Kallahalli Chandrasekhar initiated the ceremony with the clap, while Saikumar performed the honor of switching on the camera.

Directed by Chandrasekhar Bandiappa, renowned for his work in ‘Rathavara’, ‘Chowkidar’ stars Saikumar, known as the ‘Dialogue King’, in the lead role, alongside Dodmane Kudi Dhanyaram Kumar as the female lead. Following the Muhurat, the film’s team conducted a press conference to introduce the movie.

Director Chandrasekhar Bandiappa said, “This is my sixth film, releasing in multiple languages. Kallahalli Chandrasekhar is the producer of this movie. After the success of Rathavara, they approached me to direct another film. Prithvi has portrayed the role of a lover boy. I wanted to tell a different story this time, and he agreed. He has been preparing extensively for the role, and I’m glad to see his enthusiasm. I would like to thank Ma’am, Saikumar sir, and Dharma sir, who are all part of the star cast. Sachin Basrur has composed the music.”

Actor Prithvi Ambar mentioned, “The movie Chowkidar began with my mother’s blessings. It’s a happy day today. When I first heard the story, I knew I needed to put in a lot of effort for this role, and I asked for time to prepare. From there, my journey started. We shot the teaser in one day, and it was a lot of fun. I feel fortunate. The film has a lot of life experiences and blends a unique family element. Chowkidar captures the essence that the title suggests.”

Saikumar said, “I am very happy. Next year marks my 50th year as an actor, all thanks to my father and mother. My mother insisted that I should act in Kannada movies. My Kannada journey has also completed 30 years. Every day, every movie role is a challenge. Currently, fifteen movies are in progress. The glimpse of Chandrasekhar’s movie looks promising. Nana Tamma is also a wonderful director,” he said. “Chowkidar’s story is an emotional drama. I have also acted in a Tulu movie where Prithvi is the hero. It’s a very good subject,” he added. “To Prithvi Ambar, I am Chowkidar, and to the director, I am Chowkidar.”

Actress Dhanya Ram Kumar said, “I thank both Chandrasar and everyone involved for allowing me to act in Chowkidar.” Prithvi mentioned, “I am proud to share the screen with actors Dharma sir and Saikumar sir.

Kallahalli Chandrasekhar is producing the movie ‘Chowkidar’ under the Vidyashekhar Entertainment banner. Sachin Basruru is handling the music direction, and the film features lyrics by Nagendra Prasad and Pramod Maravante. ‘Chowkidar’ is being made in multiple languages. Prithvi Ambar, known for his lover boy roles thus far, will now captivate the audience with action sequences in this film, promising to be a true family entertainer. Shooting for ‘Chowkidar’ with this storyline will commence soon.