Laandhar movie review


Vidhaarth, who is a top police officer from Coimbatore and lives a beautiful life with his wife. One night a policeman sees a suspicious person on the road.

He immediately informs the police station and calls for backup. As the cops try to catch the mysterious man, the man attacks them and escapes.

Vidharth then tries to catch the man. Meanwhile, mysterious deaths continue to take place which poses a big challenge to the police department.

Who is that mysterious man? What is the background of the murders? Was Vidhaarth able to catch the serial killer forms the crux of Laandhar.


Directed by Sajisaleem, the movie is a cat and mouse game between the cops and a serial killer.

The plot of the movie is not something new, the screenplay also falls flat most of the times.

However, there are enough key moments to keep the audience interested. Better writing would have made the movie all the more interesting.

Vidhaarth has delivered a neat performance as usual, his performance is one of the saving grace of the movie.

Sahana Manju shares good screenspace and is impressive in her role.

Nakul and Swetha Dorathy in important roles have delivered what was expected from them.

Praveen’s background score is impressive and is complimented well by Gnanasowndar’s camerawork.

Rest of the technical aspects of the movie are passable as well.

Rating: 3.3/5