Kuiko Movie Review

The narrative of Kuiko, an abbreviation for Kudiyirundha Kovil, commences with Vidharth (Thyagarajan) facing unemployment from his teaching position. His desire to revel in an IPL match in Chennai leads him to approach family friend Panbazhagan (Muthukumar) for funds. However, the request expands into delivering a freezer box to Yogi Babu’s (Malaiyappan) house due to his mother’s demise. The impact of this box on Thyagarajan, Malaiyappan, and various village characters unfolds as the story progresses.

Malaiyappan, once a goat rearer in the village, is now a prosperous camel rearer in Saudi Arabia. He returns to bid farewell to his mother, lamenting his absence during her final moments. Thyagarajan, seemingly incapable of refusal, becomes entwined in the narrative. The camera leisurely follows these characters, settling within the funeral house by the time the central conflict arises, well past intermission.

The director endeavors to incorporate multiple themes, addressing the state of village temples, age-old clashes, and the balance of ‘yin and yang.’ However, these elements feel forced, aiming to add depth to the story.

The film introduces a subplot involving loan sharks and a person’s relentless pursuit to recover borrowed money. While it touches on the theme of migrant workers in the state, it lacks impact within the narrative.

Despite positioning itself around Kudiyirundha Kovil and the freezer box, the film allocates a meager half-hour of screen time to this central element, failing to serve as a significant catalyst. The writing, detailed in everyday activities, lacks focus and becomes monotonous.

Arul Chezhian’s story, while simple, remains unremarkable. Kuiko diverges from its central track, dispersing onto parallel narratives that overshadow the core. As the credits roll, confusion prevails, leaving the audience without emotional resonance or clarity regarding the director’s intended message.

Notably, the Tamil rendition of the Tum Paas Aaye song stands out, encapsulating the love track between Malaiyappan and Muthumaari. However, Kuiko, like its title, remains enigmatic and fails to deliver a clear meaning or purpose despite attempts at explanation.

Cast: Yogi Babu, Vidharth, Durga, Ilavarasu, Muthukumar and Vinodhini