Kida movie review


The movie is set in a village near Madurai. Poo Ram promises to buy a costly dress to his grandson Deepan for Deepavali.

He tries his best to arrange for the money, but he is not able to do it.

As a last resort, Poo Ram decides to sell his pet goat to buy the dress he promised for his grandson.

Meanwhile, Kaali Venkat  who is  a butcher is looking to establish his own meat shop before Deepavali.

How these two stories meet and what happens next forms the rest of the story.


Deepavali is one festival which is celebrated by people across the country.

Director R Venkat has took up the story of a family which is looking forward to celebrate Deepavali and has delivered it as humanely as possible.

Poo Ram has yet again delivered a remarkable performance. He has lived in the character and has let his expression do much of the talking than the dialogues.

Pandiyammal who comes as his wife has took up a complex role and has delivered it with ease.

Master Deepan as the grandson plays his character really well and is the soul of the movie.

Kaali Venkat fits in the character in a perfect manner and has portrayed his role to almost perfection.

Theesan’s music gels well with the theme of the movie and elevates the scenes.

Camerawork by Jayaprakash is neat and captures the emotions effectively.

Rating: 3.8/5