Jugalbandhi Arangetram of Miss. Aaraadhana Radhakrishnan and Mrs Malar Radhakrishnan Celebrated

The prestigious Jugalbandhi Rangapravesam of Miss. Aaraadhana Radhakrishnan and Mrs Malar  Radhakrishnan was held at Rani Seethai Hall, Anna Salai, Chennai on June 21st 2024. This grand event,  organized by Koothambalam (Academy of Bharathanatyam & Mohiniyattam), featured a remarkable  Jugalbandhi Rangapravesam in Bharathanatyam by Selvi. Aaraadhana Radhakrishnan, a disciple of  Acharya Ms. Saathvika Aravindan, and Mohiniyattam by Smt. Malar Radhakrishnan, disciple of Guru Smt.  Vasantha Aravindan.

Ms. Aaraadhana, aged 14, began her dance journey at six and has since participated in numerous events, showcasing her dedication to Bharathanatyam. Under the tutelage of Acharya Ms. Saathvika Aravindan, she has honed her skills and remains actively engaged in academic pursuits and extracurricular activities. Aaraadhana is also known for her IT skills, Carnatic music talents, and multifaceted interests in arts, sports, and crafts.

Mrs. Malar Radhakrishnan, aged 42, performed her Bharatanatyam Arangetram in 1995 and has been an IT professional while pursuing her passion for Carnatic music and Mohiniyattam. Trained under Guru Kalaimamani Ms. SV Usha, she has won accolades in various music and dance platforms, including the “Bhajan Samrat” title by Sankara TV in 2018. She has also presented film songs in popular program “QFR” under the guidance of Film Music Analyst Smt. Subhasree Thanikachalam.

The event was graced by esteemed chief guests, “Kalaimamani” Sri. Chitra Lakshmanan (Actor & Producer), Music Producer and Analyst Smt. Subhasree Thanikachalam (Founder & Curator, Maximum Media), and “Sarva Lakshana Natya Mayuri” and “Natya Ratnam” Smt. Smrithi Vishwanath (Disciple of Kalaimamani Smt. Anitha Guha, Chennai).

The Arangetram was a beautiful blend of tradition, culture, and talent, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees, friends and relatives. The story depiction of Mahishasuramardhini in Varnam by Malar and Depiction of Krishna’s mischiefs in Sabdham by Aaraadhana received special applause from audience. Malar’s “Thalaattu” in Mohiniyattam and Aaraadhana’s “Ananda Nadam” in Bharathanatyam were appreciated by Chief guests. “Krithi” and “Thillana” performed as Jugalbandhi by Malar and Aaraadhana was a visual treat for the audience to witness two beautiful dance forms at the same time on the stage.