Join Lallan the stray dog on his epic adventures in the exciting new chase comedy, ‘Oh My Lallan’

Join Lallan and his pet frenemies on an unforgettable journey filled with humour and heart as Sony YAY!  announces a brand-new chase comedy ‘Oh My Lallan.’ 

The latest animated series introduces Lallan, an  adorable stray dog who lives near a magnificent house where a human family and their four pets reside.  Each mealtime for Lallan is a daring escapade for food and love inside the house. But there’s a twist – Babban the Husky, Kittan the Persian cat, Jumman the billy  goat, and Chuttan the rooster, are all on a mission to ruin Lallan’s plans.  From sneaking into the  house for  food, sending the four pets on wild chases and outsmarting them, Lallan’s delightfully entertaining  escapades will have you in stitches! Innocence and mischief rolled into one furry package, Lallan’s every  move will steal your heart. Get ready to meet the most adorable little dog in “Oh My Lallan”, only on Sony  YAY!

~Tune into Sony YAY! for brand-new episodes of Oh My Lallan, starting 30 th October, Mondays to Fridays 11AM! ~