Joel Sathiaraj of IIT Madras wins Scrabble Tournament held at American Center Chennai

Joel Sathiaraj from IIT Madras won the Alfred Butts intercollegiate Scrabble tournament organised by the American Center, U.S. Consulate General Chennai in association with Queen Mary’s College in Chennai.

Jebrish T  and Anindita S  Raju from the Presidency College finished second and third respectively.

As many as 108 Scrabble players from 33 city colleges competed in the tournament showcasing their linguistic and strategic prowess.

While the preliminary rounds took place at the Queen Mary’s College, the finale was hosted at the U.S. Consulate General Chennai’s American Center.

U.S. Consulate General Chennai’s Spokesperson and diplomat Samantha Jackson said, “We are thrilled to see the enthusiasm and passion displayed by the Scrabble community in Chennai. Words are the most powerful tools of communication, especially in diplomacy. They bring nations, societies, and cultures together. The American Center Chennai aims to promote education, intellectual engagement, and cultural exchange through such events.”

Queen Mary’s College Principal Dr. B. Uma Maheswari said, “Queen Mary’s College is dedicated to empowering marginalized women and wants to embrace Scrabble as a transformative tool. With Scrabble Grandmaster Ranganatha Chakravarthy’s guidance, the Scrabble Literacy Program equips 5,000 students with essential communication skills, fostering their academic journey. The tournaments further enhance the linguistic prowess of the students and fosters a spirit of healthy competition.”

Government of Tamil Nadu‘s Director of Collegiate Education Dr. G. Geetha inaugurated the tournament in the presence of U.S. Consulate General Chennai’s Spokesperson Samantha Jackson and Queen Mary’s College Principal Dr. B. Uma Maheswari on  September 8.

Scrabble Grandmaster Ranganatha Chakravarthy was the tournament director.