Japan movie review


Karthi is a notorious thief, who is currently in hiding with his team. Meanwhile, a crime happens at a jewellery store where ornaments worth Rs 200 crore get stolen.
Police officials who inspected the site see the clues and conclude that Karthi is behind the crime.
However, there’s a twist: Karthi claims that he did not commit a crime. So, who was behind the heist?
Why are police trying to nab Japan, who has nearly 95 cases have slapped against him? Will Japan try to find out who the real culprit is?
Director Raju Murugan has stepped out of his comfort zone and attempted a commercial story about a thief and how betrayal changes his life.
The first half of the movie establishes the various characters and takes its own sweet time.
The second picks up pace and is executed in a better manner.
Karthi shines in the role as Japan and has done a neat work.
The way in which he makes subtle changes in his body language is interesting.
His voice modulation is also a good try.
Rest of the characters including K S Ravikumar, Sunil, Vijay Milton have all done their part well.
Anu Emmanuel appears only for a brief moment and is good.
Music by G V Prakash is interesting. Rest of the technical aspects as passable.
Rating: 3.2/5