Israel matters more than Manipur for Modi: Rahul

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday tore into the BJP-led Centre for “fostering violence” across the country and accused it of dividing Manipur into two states.

Gandhi, who is on a two-day visit to poll-bound Mizoram, also said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was more concerned about the events in Israel than the turmoil in Manipur.

Addressing a rally, he accused the BJP of disrupting the concept of Manipur and transforming it from a single state into two separate entities.

Taking a swipe at Modi for ‘prioritising’ international affairs over domestic troubles, the Gandhi scion said, “They (BJP) target various communities and religions, promoting violence within the country. This approach exudes arrogance and a lack of understanding, which goes against the very essence of India.”

“We believe in an India that respects and protects everyone. When I visited Manipur months ago, I was shocked by what I witnessed. The BJP has dismantled the essence of Manipur, turning it into two separate states. Lives have been lost, women have been subjected to assault, and innocent children have been killed.

“However, the prime minister appears uninterested in visiting the state. It amazes me that his government is more concerned about events in Israel than the turmoil in Manipur,” he said.

Gandhi also emphasized his long-standing connection with the people of Mizoram, recalling the transformation brought about by a peace accord that marked the transition from a violent Mizoram to a peaceful one.