Implement projects without any delay: Stalin tells officials

Chief Minister M K Stalin on Monday instructed officials to avoid delay in implementing iconic projects that enhance the pride of Tamil Nadu.

Addressing bureaucrats during the review of 68 iconic projects implemented by 14 departments and six future projects, Stalin said that the projects were not only iconic projects of the government, but also one’s that enhance the pride of Tamil Nadu. “Delay in executing such projects must be avoided. The projects must be intensely monitored,” the CM said.

Adding that the secretaries of the crucial department must be aware of the projects and other departments must accord necessary sanctions and avoid raising unnecessary queries while implementing a project of a particular department, the CM said that a total and joint contribution of all bureaucrats was necessary to achieve it.

Ordering bureaucrats to continuously monitor their subordinates, Stalin said that schemes that give ordinary benefits, when they are executed comprehensively within a timeframe, would offer full benefits. Schemes with greater benefits, if they are executed incompletely, would not deliver even little benefits, he added.

Remarking that only continuous review would ensure laxity-free administration, Stalin lauded department secretaries for the hasty implementation of several special projects, and said, “I have noticed slackness in the implementation of a few projects. I have the duty to point it out. I don’t want to point it out individually. You are aware of it. I urge the concerned department secretaries to fully implement them within a set timeframe.”