Health department responds to Annamalai’s allegations

Reacting to the allegations by the BJP state president K Annamalai, the State Health Department issued a response on Sunday.

Regarding the alleged loss of Rs 77 crore to the government by providing the health mix and nutrition kit at a higher cost, the department stated that each box of nutrition kit contains 8 types of items worth Rs. 2,000 and the quality of each is being checked.

The syrup rich in iron and nutrients and has a balanced composition that is made in consultation with nutritionists in 2018. The exclusive composition for pregnant women and mothers of a 200 ml bottle costs Rs 74.65 in wholesale and Rs. 112 in retail. So, in a bottle Rs.37.35 is saved by the government.

Also, a 100ml bottle of iron syrup is on the list of basic essential medicines (EDL) of the Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation. It is for children with iron deficiency and contains iron and folic acid. The department stated that, therefore, based on the above information and data of both iron syrups are for different use and with different compositions. So this comparison is completely false and untrue, it said.

In response to the allegations on privately procured health mix instead of Aavin-supplied health mix, the department stated that it is also a balanced nutritional supplement approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The purchase price for 500 grams is Rs. 460.50, while market price is Rs. 588.00. So, per bottle Rs. 127.50 is saved for the government. The milk powder called Diary Whitener by Aavin does not contain such nutrients and is therefore, not used.

Thus, the allegation that the Aavin manufactured health mix is ​​being replaced by the health mix by a private firm is ​​being bought at a high price is false and baseless.