Gingee movie review


Ksenya returns from France to the house of her ancestors in Puducherry. Antique products are stored in a basement in the house.

She finds a palm leaf manuscript which is guarded by spirits.

She approaches an archaeologist Ganesh Chandrasekhar who finds that the manuscript is a map to a hidden treasure.

Ganesh along with his assistant and Ksenya go in search of the treasure.

What happens next, were they able to find the treasure forms the rest of the story.


Ganesh Chandrasekhar has produced the movie and has also wrote the story, directed and acted as the protagonist. The main plot is interesting and there are also some sub plots.

It is the screenplay department which could have been better. The movie struggles to gain momentum and also jumps from scene to scene.

Ganesh and Ksenya have tried their best to carry their respective roles. The children who play important roles in the movie have done a decent job.

Cinematographer Harish has captured the forest areas in an aesthetic manner. Rest of the technical aspects are okay.

Rating: 3.1/5