“Gaganachari” Movie Review

Get ready for a hilarious sci-fi mockumentary set in a wacky future! “Gaganachari” dives into the lives of three mismatched bachelors sharing a cramped bunker apartment. There’s Victor Vasudevan (Ganesh Kumar), a war hero with the nickname “alien hunter” thanks to his brush with an extraterrestrial invasion back in 2030. Living with him are his assistants and fellow survivors, Alan John Valamparambil (Gokul Suresh) and the ever-colorful Vaishnav (Aju Varghese). Their quirky co-existence takes a hilarious turn when a documentary crew films Victor’s wild alien stories. But wait, there’s more! The arrival of an unexpected guest from another planet throws their world into even more comedic chaos!

“Gaganachari” offers a completely fresh and novel experience from the start. Arun Chandu, who co-wrote and directed this sci-fi gem, has crafted a truly refreshing narrative. While we’ve seen countless films about alien invasions and dystopian futures, watching it unfold in a familiar local setting is a delightful treat. The film explores complex themes such as individual existence within the vast universe, yet it remains light-hearted with numerous laugh-out-loud moments, direct comedic scenes, and a good dose of dark humor. Surjith S Pai’s cinematography beautifully captures a futuristic Kochi, while Sankar Sharma’s music perfectly complements the film’s futuristic tone. Given its scale and budget, the VFX are impressive and convincingly done.

The film’s success hinges on its stellar casting. Gokul Suresh shines with his mellow demeanor and impeccable comic timing, reminiscent of his father’s famed on-screen humor. With the right direction, Gokul promises to deliver more memorable performances in the future. Ganesh Kumar brings a delightful performance, showcasing his underutilized acting skills, with sharp dialogue delivery that ensures the comedy hits its mark. Aju Varghese returns to form as the hyperactive friend with misguided ideas. John Kaipallil also delivers a convincing and interesting performance. However, the standout performance belongs to Anarkali Marikar, whose portrayal of the alien character is both captivating and perfect, solidifying her as the film’s true hero.

“Gaganachari” is a bold, experimental film in its story, tone, and execution. It’s contemporary in its appeal, filled with pop culture references that resonate with the average Malayalam movie enthusiast. You don’t need to be a sci-fi fan to enjoy this film; its unique setting and engaging narrative make it as entertaining as any commercial blockbuster. This film exemplifies the need for more experimental works, promising a bright future for fantasy fiction in cinema.

Cast:- Aju Varghese, Anarkali Marikar, Gokul Suresh, Ganesh Kumar 

Director:-Arun Chandu