Fresh coronavirus cases in India drops below 30k mark after 124 days

29,689 new COVID-19 cases and 415 deaths were reported in the past 24 hours. This is the first time in 132 days that daily cases have dipped below 30,000, and it is 9,672 fewer than was reported on Monday. 17.2 lakh samples were tested on 26 July.

Active cases have dropped below the four lakh-mark for the first time in 124 days. There are 3.98 lakh active cases – the lowest since March 25, when there were 3.95 lakh. These fell by 13,089 today – after 42,263 people recovered from the infection.

The weekly positivity rate is 2.33 per cent and the daily rate is 1.73 per cent. Both remain well below the established danger mark of five per cent. The overall (seven-day moving) average since April 23, however, remains worryingly high at 6.9 per cent.