Ethics panel recommends disqualification of Moitra

A day after the Lok Sabha Ethics Committee approved Mahua Moitra’s expulsion from the Parliament, the Trinamool Congress MP dismissed the panel’s decision in the cash-for-query case and called it her ‘badge of honour’ that an ethics committee ‘unethically’ expelled someone.

“For me, its a badge of honour because I feel I am going to go down in history as the first person who was unethically expelled by an ethics committee whose mandate does not even extend to expulsion. The best they can do is suspension. It is the Privileges Committee that can recommend an expulsion,” Mahua Moitra told India Today TV.

She also added that it was a fixed-match from the beginning. Mahua Moitra also added that there was no discussion on the draft report and the ethics panel chairperson directly put it to vote.

She said the day she can actually be expelled is the first day of the Winter Session of Parliament. “Let that happen and we will take it from there,” Moitra added.