DD Returns movie review


A few decades ago, a French-Indian family headed by Pradeep Rawat run a gambling show in a mansion on the outskirts on Pondicherry.

Since the family murders so many people from the village, the villagers burn the entire family.

No coming to the present, a gang keeps a bagful of stolen money looted from FEFSI Vijayan in the bungalow.

Two gangs, one lead by Mottai Rajendran and other led by Bipin and Munishkanth are on the hunt for the money.

On the other hand Santhanam’s girlfriend Surbi owes Rs 25 lakh to FEFSI. Santhanam gives the money which was stolen from FEFI Vijayan.

Vijayan comes to know about this and asks Santhanam to bring the remaining jewels and cash which was stolen from him.

With the remaining money in the haunted bungalow, how does Santhanam get the money from the haunted bungalow forms the rest of the story.


Though the core plot is very usual, the way in which director Prem Anand has executed it is what makes the proceedings interesting.

There is no downside in the film, and is a laugh riot from the word go.

It is good to see Santhanam in his full flow. His timing comedy has worked out really well
in this movie.

His counters are a treat to watch after a long time.

Surbi is adequate as Santhanam’s love interest. Her character has a shade of grey and she has carried it effectively.

Mottai Rajendran has score big throughout the film. Rest of the cast have also delivered what was expected from them.

Rohit Abraham’s background score in quirky and Dipak Kumar Padhy’s camerawork is impressive.

Rating: 3.4/5