Confetti Planners Unveils “Family Festive Edit” – A Luxurious Celebration of Fashion and Elegance for the Entire Family

Elegance and style converge as Confetti Planners, the brainchild of creative visionaries Anupama Semban  and Varshini Pari, gears up to present the enchanting “Family Festive Edit”. This exquisite celebration of  fashion and sophistication will take place in the opulent ambiance of Park Hyatt, Chennai, on October 20th, 2023 from 11 am till 7 pm.

This festive Pop Up serves as a one-stop fashion destination for the entire family. Its diverse array of products caters to the fashion aficionado in each family member, making it a shopping paradise for discerning shoppers.

The venue for this elegant affair, Park Hyatt, Chennai, is the epitome of luxury, setting the stage for an  indulgent shopping experience that befits the occasion.

Notably, Family Festive Edit will witness the debut  of celebrated designers Anam Mirza and Geethika Kanumilli in Chennai. Their presence adds a layer of  prestige to the event, elevating it to an exclusive fashion extravaganza.

In a generous gesture, this festive Pop Up extends free entry to all attendees, ensuring accessibility for all.  The guest of honor for this splendid event is none other than Ms. Aarti Ravi, an influential entrepreneur,  and the esteemed wife of renowned actor Jayam Ravi.

Confetti Planners, a trailblazing event planning and styling enterprise, traces its origins to the shared passion and creativity of its founders. Anupama Semban and Varshini Pari, who embarked on their journey  in 2021, have transformed their initial foray into crafting unique birthday experiences for their children  into a glittering success story. Today, Confetti Planners stands tall as one of Chennai’s foremost event  planning companies, renowned for its impeccable execution of birthday celebrations and star-studded events.

Anupama Semban, the design virtuoso of the team, weaves magic with her meticulous eye for detail. She  ignites the artistic spark that brings every event to life. In contrast, Varshini Pari, the financial maestro,  takes the reins of event production and financial management, ensuring a seamless and efficient operation.  Their partnership is a captivating blend of creative flair and astute business acumen.

What began as a modest venture has organically blossomed into a thriving establishment. Confetti Planners has evolved into a prominent player in the event styling and curation domain, garnering acclaim  and loyalty from a diverse clientele. 

The triumphant alliance of Anupama, Varshini, and Harshini Kakarla has propelled Confetti Planners to  new heights. Harshini, with her background in media and fashion, has added a new dimension of creativity  to the team. Together, they form a triumvirate of talent, each complementing the others in perfect  harmony. Balancing the roles of dedicated mothers and astute entrepreneurs, they epitomize the spirit of female empowerment.

The concept behind Confetti Pop Up is nothing short of visionary. It beckons with the promise of inclusivity, a grand showcase of premium clothing and accessories, meticulously curated for the entire  family. This sartorial extravaganza leaves no one untouched, from the fashion-forward women and dapper  men to the youngest members of the clan.

At its core, Confetti Pop Up is a tribute to women in fashion and business. Anupama, Varshini, and Harshini  have personally reached out to select designers, curating Confetti’s debut Family Festive Edit. “This  initiative champions the creative spirit of women entrepreneurs, bringing exclusive, women-led brands to  the forefront in a unique Chennai showcase” says Anupama.

“The long-term vision of Confetti Pop Up transcends mere business. It aspires to be a catalyst for change,  offering continual support and opportunities to women in the realm of entrepreneurship and fashion” adds Varshini.

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