Coffee with Kaadhal movie review


Srikanth, Jiiva, Jai and Dhivyadarshini are all siblings. Srikanth is married to Samyuktha.

Jiiva breaks up with his girlfriend Aishwarya Dutta and moves back to his hometown in Ooty.

Jai is in love with his best friend Abhi Amritha Aiyer but decides to marry Malvika Sharma as the wedding would help him acquire a piece of property that he has always wanted to get hold of.

But Malvika Sharma and Jiiva fall for each other, which leads to a fight between the brothers.

In the meantime, Srikanth gets into a one-night stand with Raiza Wilson, who later gets engaged to Jiiva. All these causes confusion in the family. How the family members overcome all this forms the rest of the story.


Comedy is guaranteed when it comes to Sundar C films. Likewise, Coffee With Kaadhal also has comedy sequences that will make you laugh out loud for half an hour before the interval.

However, the rest of the scenes could have been a little more better.

Srikanth, Jiiva and Jai are all seasoned actors and have done a neat job.

All the characters get equal screen space to showcase their skills.

Dhivyadarshini does a neat job as the sister who is trying to hold the family.

Rest of the cast have all delivered what was expected from them. Yuvan’s songs are average, but the bgm is good.

Rating: 3.3/5