Blue Star Movie Review


Blue Star is essentially the rivalry between two cricket teams, Blue Star, captained by Ranjith, and Alpha whose head Rajesh  hails from a slightly privileged background in the caste ladder.

But as situations turn around and the teams are forced to join hands against a common opponent, Blue Star becomes a film that essentially wants to talk about politics in sports.

On the other hand, is Anandhi, Ranjith’s love interest who brings a gender-based perspective to the arena.


Debutant filmmaker S Jayakumar takes on big responsibilities to talk about the intersectional politics that is prevalent in sports.

Ashok Selvan and Shanthanu play their characters with ease and utmost conviction.

If Ranjith who faces a point black discrimination that transforms into an angry young man, Rajesh’s cycle of oppression comes back to him, and that’s when the real film kicks off.

And Shanthanu does it with utmost conviction and underplaying his character, makes it for the most interesting part of his acting.

On the other hand, is Ashok Selvan who, carried the weight of the film on his shoulders.

Bagavathi Perumal as a celebrated former Blue Star player, Ilango Kumaravel as an empathising father, Prithvi Rajan as a brother who wears his heart on his sleeve, and Lizzie Antony as a god-fearing mother, make up for a good support, with each of them contributing to the other development of the story.

The movie is technically strong with Govind Vasantha’s music and camerawork by Tamizh Azhagan.

Rating: 3.5/5