BIGG BOSS Tamil season 7

A Tale of Two Houses and Countless Twists!

Get ready for the most sensational season of the year as Star Vijay proudly announces the return of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 launching on Oct 1st 6PM. Breaking all records and taking entertainment to new heights, this season promises to be a game-changer with not one, but two Bigg Boss houses. 

For years, Bigg Boss has captured the hearts of millions, creating moments of drama, excitement, and intrigue. For the first time Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 will have two houses promising to deliver double the entertainment, double the excitement, and double the drama! The anticipation for this season has been quite high since the release of a series of promos making this announcement. The promos have garnered a staggering 25 million views in record time.

Beyond the celebrity appeal of this reality television program, one of the key factors contributing to its resounding success is viewers’ ability to connect with the contestants’ diverse personalities. Emotions soar as these individuals are thrust into a closed environment, cut off from the outside world. These contestants, meticulously chosen through a rigorous selection process marked by intense scrutiny, pledge to showcase their talents, strategies, and above all, their genuine emotions.

BB Fan Zone on Disney+Hotstar

Bigg Boss Fan Zone is a new Polling interactivity created for Bigg Boss fans on Disney+Hotstar. This adds an engaging and interactive dimension to your beloved show by allowing viewers to express their opinions on various topics and even have the power to collectively decide how certain events playout on the show. All logged-in viewers on Disney+ Hotstar can participate in the ‘Bigg Boss Fan Zone’ poll. Viewers are allowed to take part in the ‘Bigg Boss Fan Zone Poll- 2023’ once per account every day. ‘Bigg Boss Fan Zone’ Poll will run till 31st December 2023.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 is set to premiere on 1st October 2023, airing on Star Vijay and streaming 24X7 on Disney+Hotstar so you would not miss a minute of the surprises and the action from the show.