Atlee says he has a script ready for Ajith Kumar

In a recent interview, director Atlee has said that he has a massive script ready for Ajith Kumar.

The director conveyed how he is very fond of the actor and would love to work with him.

Atlee has been in the headlines for quite some time now, considering how his recent film with Shah Rukh Khan was a huge blockbuster in cinemas and raked in a large sum of money as well.

The director conveyed that he had tried reaching out to Suresh Chandra (Ajith Kumar’s manager) for narrating the film to the actor but it hasn’t come together as of yet.

He added that if the film does shape up, it will be a massive movie that will be a blast in theaters.

The success of Jawan has made Atlee one of the most sought-after filmmakers in India.