“7/G” Movie Review

Haroon’s “7/G” shines in its initial 20–30 minutes, delivering a refreshing urban horror setting that deviates from the traditional haunted palatial buildings in rural areas. Instead, it immerses viewers in a relatable environment, with scenarios like running from floor to floor and escalator malfunctions, creating a more immediate connection to our everyday reality. This strong beginning suggests that “7/G” could join the ranks of celebrated Tamil urban horror films such as “Shock,” “Yaavarum Nalam,” and “Eeram.”

The film opens with the housewarming ceremony of Rajiv (Roshan Basheer), an IT employee, and Varsha (Smruthi Venkat), in their new apartment along with their child. The festive atmosphere is subtly overshadowed by a neighbor’s ominous glance, played by Subramaniya Siva. This sets the stage for the ensuing turmoil, as jealousy over Rajiv’s professional and personal success leads some to plot against his family. Additionally, the 7/G apartment itself harbors malevolent forces. The narrative unfolds around whether Rajiv’s family can withstand these combined threats.

One of the film’s strengths lies in its ability to ground horror in an urban context, making the eerie experiences more tangible and immediate. The screenplay’s engaging start captures the audience’s attention and builds anticipation for a gripping horror tale.

However, the film could have been even more compelling with a streamlined and concise screenplay. The story might have resonated more deeply if the family had faced the malevolent forces on their own, without the intervention of a benevolent spirit. This change could have added a layer of raw, human struggle against the supernatural, intensifying the suspense and emotional stakes.

In summary, “7/G” presents a promising and refreshing take on urban horror, with a strong start and relatable setting. With a bit more focus on simplicity and brevity in the screenplay, it could have been an exceptional addition to the genre. Nonetheless, it remains a notable effort in Tamil cinema’s exploration of horror.

Cast:-Sonia Agarwal ,Roshan Basheer, Smruthi Venkat,   Siddharth Vipin, Subramaniya Siva

Director:-Haroon Rasheed