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Bangalore Naatkal Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision

Tamil Movie Bangalore Naatkal Review by Chennaivision

Life is Beautiful


Three cousins Divya (Sri Divya), Arjun (Arya) and Kannan (Bobby Simha) share a close bond since their childhood. Kannan, a techie, wants a traditional, modest, saree-clad girl as wife.

Ajay is a biking freak who lives life in his own terms and Divya is married to Prasad (Rana Daggubati), a workaholic corporate executive.
All three (Divya, Arjun and Kannan) face their own share of problems.

While Prasad has a bitter past and Divya is shattered while coming to know about it, Kannan falls for an air hostess who dumps him for her ex-boyfriend. Arjun develops affinity with a RJ who has her own plans for life.

Despite all their troubles, all the three cousins remain positive and realise that their ‘life is beautiful’. Soon, their lives change for good, and the climax card comes with all of them smiling happily.


In Bangalore Naatkal, there are moments and incidents that any of the viewers can connect with, which is perhaps the strength of the film. Director Bommarillu Bhaskar, who has remade Bangalore Days, has beautifully recreated the magic.

Yes, the story goes along predictable lines, but it has been packaged in a chic way. That you won’t mind it being lengthy and will enjoy life’s beautiful moments in the company of these cousins, who face situations mostly with a smile.

Handling a bunch of bright young heroes and heroines is no easy job, but the director has done it with aplomb. And all the actors are equally terrific, that they have chipped in with their best.

Gopi Sundar, who composed music for the original, has dished out good songs and cool background score. K V Guhan’s visuals capture the flavour of Bangalore in a colourful manner. Marthand K Venkatesh’s scissors could have more sharp.

Though length and predictable scenes are minus points, Bangalore Days spreads the cheer among audience and conveys a message too without getting preachy. It’s a trip to Bangalore and you will enjoy it.

Rating: Good