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Yelelo is a tamil romantic uptempo song

Song : YELELO (  Tamil Music Video )

Artists: Jaiz John & Jai Matt  featuring Alisha Thomas


Yelelo is a tamil romantic uptempo song composed by Jaiz John. The song is rendered by Indian American singer Jai Matt while Alisha Thomas is the featured female singer. The video was shot on the scenic outskirts of Philadelphia, avoiding the cityscapes to give it an earthy natural tamil village feel. Video direction is by Jimika Mehta and Jai Matt with Aiden Guynez behind the camera. N Jayakumar has penned the tamil lyrics.

Crew & Cast:

Music Direction : Jaiz John  Singers: Jai Matt, Alisha Thomas, Jaiz John  Video Direction: Jimika Mehta, Jai Matt , Aiden Guynes 

Cast: Jai Matt & Jimika Mehta featuring Jaiz John

Camera & Editing : Aiden Guynez  Lyrics: Jayakumar N (Tamil), Jai Matt (English) Shoot Location: Philadelphia  Production House: JJ Media &  Zonikz Entertainment  Label: Muzik247


Jaiz John is music composer from Kochi and had his debut music video released in 2013,  namely Ariyathe Ninayathe’  featuring singer Vineeth Sreenivasan which was a huge success and has already crossed 10 million views on youtube. After the release he took a break from music to complete his medical post graduate studies. 

Jai Matt is a Indian born, American singer who has been living in Philadelphia, USA for the past many years. He is a professional singer and has been doing fusion music , covers  and originals while performing across the USA and Europe. 

While visiting India in 2018 , Jai Matt met Jaiz John at Kochi. Seeing the success of Ariyathe Ninayathe and being a fan of it,  Jai Matt asked Jaiz John to do a song for him in a fusion style. Even though there has been a long gap, Jaiz John agreed to come back to music composing and take up this project. Most of our combined fan base lies in south india and desi population of US, UK and Europe. Since tamil and english were languages , almost universally understood by our combined fan base and also since tamil music is known for its high energy songs which has a huge following, we decided to express our song as a tamil – english mix. 

Jaiz John started composing  for the project in the later half of 2018. The chorus section with rough ‘yelelo’ lyrics was composed at first and further composing was based on it. N Jayakumar  who had previously penned for the  hit music video “Mounam sollum varthaigal “ was brought in to write the lyrics for the song while the original rough Yelelo chorus lyrics were retained. The english sections of the song were penned by Jai Matt. 

Alisha Thomas , a  playback singer mainly in the tamil music industry  ,( “don’u don’u don’u”  song fame ) kindly  agreed to support our project by singing the female portions of the song.

The song is a fun conversation between a  boy and his close friend who is a girl. The boy is trying to convince her to take the friendship to a romantic relationship. Even though she is a little hesitant , she  she still agrees to it. 

The song was completed with most of the music recordings done in south India and while Jai Matt recorded his part in the US and sent it over. 

The video was initially planned to be shot in India in 2019 however at the last minute it was decided to shoot the video in the US. The video was shot in the later half of 2019 in the outskirts of Philadelphia in more earthy natural scenic locations.  The idea was to recreate a tamil village Kuthu song feel and intentionally avoiding the city scapes of philadelphia. 

The song was directed by Jimika Mehta and Jai Matt who also have acted  in the video. The video also features the composer Jaiz John. 

The videography was done by Aiden Guynez who is well known for his well made music videos in Philadelphia.

The video also features support dancers who are college students from Philadelphia who are very passionate about dance. 

Muzik247 label which  has its bases in Chennai and Kochi was supportive from the onset of this project . Mr Zameer from the label was a strong pillar of support all through this project. The music video and song will be exclusively distributed through them.   

The music video was scheduled for launch in 2020 march but was postponed due to covid -19 chaos and lockdown.

The music video is  now slated for launch on 24th october 2020, 5pm in the muzik 247 youtube channel and the music will be available soon in all main streaming platforms. 

The music video does not feature any big cine artists and so needs the support of everyone who loves independent good music. The appreciation and active support of the listeners is one of the greatest deciding factors for the survival of independent music in the industry which is largely dominated by film music. So we request all people and  especially all the media to actively share and spread music to support our efforts. 

Upcoming projects of Jaiz John include his international english debut music video release and collaboration projects with other famous singers of the indian music industry including bollywood. A couple of movie projects are in the early discussion phase as well.