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Trikona – A Trilingual film that offers a healing solution to unending crisis
The trials and tribulations have been prevailing ever since the humankind came into existence. From the hardest plagues, life-threatening virus to the wars, incurable diseases like Cancer and now Corona that is costing lives, the humans have dealt with it with pain and hardships. However, the only solution for all these problems isn’t going to be the medical and scientific inventories. But what are going to be the ultimate remedy are patience, precaution, calmness, love, compassion and being courageous. The film ‘TRIKONA’ deals with such a premise with a phenomenal treatment, where it will deal with a similar issue and the solution for putting an end to a similar crisis. In a relevant manner of Trikona (Three Dimension), the film will be made in three different languages – Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. Significantly, the intriguing factor is that all these three versions will have a different screenplay and treatment unlike other multi-lingual movies that are dubbed with same dramatic narrations.
Releasing the film’s promotional teaser, producer B.R. Rajashekar who has written the story as well says, “The film talks in-depth about the patience levels of humans and how it differs among people of different age groups.” Directed by Chandrakanth, the film features Lakshmi, Achyuth Kumar, Suresh Heblikar, Sadhu kokila & Sudharani in title roles.