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This is the story of Swami Sivananda. A 123 year old yogi!

Greetings from Studio Virtual Bharat! We are a 1000 film journey of India, and we bring to you our latest release: 123 – The Happiest Man.
This is the story of Swami Sivananda. A 123 year old yogi! He’s lived through the world wars, seen India change from the time of the freedom fighters to the current TikTok influenced gen Zs. He’s been around for the turn of 2 centuries! From his passport, we know that Swami Sivananda was born on August 8, 1896. Indian passport authorities verified the date from a temple register which is the only living record of his birth, just as it is for so many Indians, much younger to Swami Sivananda. If the record of his age is true, he could be the only person alive to have now survived 2 pandemics!  
Swami Sivananda’s life is all about the routine. A life of joy and simplicity, that has kept him fit to this day. He can hold yoga poses for 2 hours every day! Come listen to him tell India his story, this Yoga Day!
The film premieres on Virtual Bharat’s Youtube Channel on the 21st of June (International Yoga Day) in honour of his long, happy life, dedicated to Yoga.This is our tenth film, and we write to you for your support in helping us take this to wider audiences. We would like the film to be embedded in a feature about 123 – The Happiest Man, on your digital pages. It is an untold story of India we wish the world knew, and we need your help to make this happen!
Do take a look; write, share, subscribe on digital this Yoga Day, and take Swami Sivananda and his message of hope to the world!
We look forward to your support!
Team VB
What is Virtual Bharat?
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