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*Tel K Ganesan gets ‘2019 Filmmaker of the Year Award’*

The role of the Multi Ethnic Advisory Task Force (MEATF) assumes very high significance in the United States which has a large population from different ethnic communities around the world.

MEATF hosts Annual Awards Gala for the year 2019, at Chicago, Illinois. Hon. Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr. O. Panneerselvam, who is on a official visit to the United States, will also take part in the event.

Hon. Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr. O. Panneerselvam, will also be awarded with ‘The Rising Star Award’ at the event, jointly organized Multi Ethnic Advisory Task Force along with the American Indians. And it assumes larger significance that I am also being awarded with the ‘Filmmaker of the Year 2019’ at the same stage alongside the Deputy CM of Tamil Nadu.

This Task Force, founded by Danny K Davis, an US Congressman does a marvelous job of creating an understanding among the people who come from different cultural backgrounds, languages and from several countries, that builds the foundation for a peaceful and serene neighborhood.

This organization on an annual basis, identifies, encourages and recognizes individuals with the ‘Global Community Oscars’ for their trailblazing and immaculate achievements in their chosen fields of occupation.

This Awards Gala attracts citizens from all walks of life, especially from 24 different ethnic communities in Chicago including African Americans, Mexicans, Latin Americans, Irish, Germans, French, Greeks, Ukrainians, Russians, Philippines, Scandinavians, Nigerians, Indians, Vietnamese, Chinese, Ghanaians, SriLankans, Pakistanis, Middle Eastern, Koreans, Japanese, Bangladeshis and many others including the above nationalities.

Over 1000 people will attend this Gala, which will be telecast live.Nikil Murukan:PRO.