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Sillukarupatti wins the hearts of critics, celebrities and general audiences

Across the years, Tamil cinema has endeavoured with an impeccably phenomenal accomplishments by coming up with newfangled experiments. However, the perfect paradigm of ‘Anthology’ based films remained unachieved in K-Town and it kept the avid audiences of this genre, who were fascinated by the celebrated films from Hollywood and Bollywood that includes Ram Gopal Varma’s Darna Maana Hai to Bombay Talkies looking up for a perfect stamp. Finally, it’s all happening with Halitha Shameem’s Sillukarupatti, which is an anthology of four short stories based on relationships against city backdrops. With the positive reviews flooded through early press and preview shows, Sillu Karuppatti has found a bigger lease of opening in not just urban centres, but across sub-urban and rural areas too. Thanks to the mammoth Midas-touch of Suriya’s 2D Entertainment and Sakthi Film Factory Signature for they have extended a huge support towards getting best screen counts, which is having a worldwide release today (December 27, 2019).

The content driven films have always found the red carpets spread out unconditionally across all the places and 2019 has been a greater exemplification of so many instances in Kollywood. With the year coming to an end, Sillukarupatti gets acknowledged for its outstanding storytelling by Halitha and the way; she sketched each character that reflected the realistic factors honestly.  The chapter of ‘Hey Ammu’, which depicts the life of busy laden hubby (Samuthirakani) and his wife (played by Sunaina), who feels confined to loneliness and boredom, the way they reconcile and revive their relationships speaks loudly about many such instances of this contemporary times. The beautiful chapter of ‘Pink Bag’ that embellishes the pure affinity between a boy and girl from different walks of life springs out the innocence within us. The cute depiction of dramatic moments that occur between a meme creator (Manikandan) and a voguish girl (Nivedhithaa Sathish) is celebrated for enduing a soothing experience. More than all, the adorable portrayal relationship between an elderly people (played by Sreeram and Leela Samson) has been received well for an inspiring tale.

While these stories had unparalleled uniqueness imbibed to realism, it found a magical elegance through the technicians, who escalated the film’s quality decorously. Especially, the four cinematographers – Abinandhan Ramanujam, Manoj Paramahamsa, Vijay Karthik and Yamini Yaganamurthy have made the film excellently captured and Arrol Corelli’s musical score is icing of cake.

Producer Venkatesh Velineni of Divine Productions, who is very much amazed over the positively showering reviews, affirms that he will continue to come up producing uniquely crafted tales for universal audiences.