Tamil Movie Trailer

Ranga Teaser

The saying ‘First Impression is the Best Impression’ might look simple and stereotypical, but happens to be a much proven theory in any fields. Well, when it comes to showbiz, the first impression can be replaced with ‘Teaser’ as they are the ultimate curtain raiser that prepares audiences of what they can expect. Sibiraj’s Rangateaser that was unveiled recently has demonstrated its substance in a best way. The 60-second teaser hasn’t just won the appreciations of film buffs alone, but had downpour of praises from celebrities of our film fraternity as well.

Producer Vijay K Celliah of Boss Movies says, “We believe this to be a good start and it’s really encouraging to see the friends from film industry appreciating it. All credit goes to director Vinod DL, whose clarity was perfect from the stage of scripting to directing and now with the presentation of teaser as well.”

The producer adds that as an audience, he really loved the way Ruben’s editing, Ramjeevan’s BGM and Arvi’s visuals together created an intense impact , especially in establishing the characters.  “It’s really difficult to establish both the film’s premise and the major characters too. I am fascinated by the way it has been done by the technical team. Now, I’m bitten by irresistible curiosity to see how the full length theatrical trailer turns to be,’ tots up Vijay K Celliah .

Written and directed by Vinod DL, Ranga features Sibiraj and Nikhila Vimal in lead roles with Sathish and Mohnish Rahega appearing in important characters. Ramjeevan (Music), Arvi (Cinematography), Ruben (Editing), Arun Shankar Durai (Art), Thamarai-Vivek-Munna Shaokath Ali (Lyrics), Dhilip Subbarayan-Dinesh Subbarayan (Stunts), Sathya NJ-Bharathy BS (Costumes), Suresh Chandra (PRO) and 24AM (Publicity Designs) are the major crew members of this film.