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Press Release from Ajay Bijli- PVR Brand Film


I am pleased to share with you that PVR is out with a brand film–  Every audience plays a role. Every seat holds a story. This is going to be yet another first by PVR in the Indian cinema category.

We believe the brand over the last two decades has earned stature and respect, evolving beyond the realm of physical attributes and into the business of offering unmatched cinema experience, leading to a strong bond with movie goers on an emotional level.

Cinema celebrates a bouquet of beautiful stories – whether it be simply watching and experiencing it on screen, or crafting our own stories as a memory to be shared and remembered.

The brand hence shifts its gaze from the brick & mortar to the seat, profiling various audience segments. Curating, complementing, celebrating the audience and experience that is unique to each, making them the lead characters within their own stories. Reiterating the brand essence that they are at the heart of whatever we do.

Here is a link to view the complete brand film

PVR is also using this film as a route to connect with audience through the ‘small screen’ wherein we will run the 20 sec edits on key TV channels starting 06 December; apart from the digital and cinema media.

I would request you to see the film and share with us your honest
feedback. Best Regards Ajay Bijli