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‘Pottum Pogatume’ song released

I hope you& your family are all safe and doing well.
Apart from the poster and promo of this video, I haven’t been posting or sharing anything for a while now. The truth is that I didn’t have the heart to, sitting in the comfort of my home with all that is happening around us. I would have liked to share this at a more appropriate time. But a lot of people have worked really hard to brirng this to you.

We as a team hope it gives a few of you a reason to smile during these tough times. A big thank you to Vishnu for the wonderful lyrics; Iavanya, it was really nice working with you; Britto, for his beautiful visuals; Akash,for the slick cuts; Jen and Satya, for their amazing song: Ashok Master & his team tor their killer stunts; Shruti, for the amazing costumes, Real Works Studios for their brilliant VFX & the entire team.

Jen & Satya, I wish you guys the best. Logi, thank you for convincing me to do this. It didn’t feel like we were shooting for a musie video, as we approached it like a short film or a scene from a movie. I look forward to workng on our feature film. Thank you, Think Muslc, for backing us.

Sending you guys lots N lots of love during these tough times. Please wear a double mask, use sanitisers, maintain social distance and follow all Safety measures. Those of you who are eliglble please get vaccinated

Take care & God bless.

P.S Kindly do send us your feedback as it will help us work better and harder going forward.

Lots of Love

“There is a light at the end of every tunnel. Some tunnels just happen to be longer than others.” Pottum Pogattume is about love, hope, determination and strength. True love conquers all. Hope you all like it. – Lavanya Tripathi (Female lead)

‘Stay strong!’
That’s what ‘Pottum Pogatume’ is all about. When pain hits hard, like losing a loved one or even losing in love, always remember to stay strong, and know that this too shall pass.

-Sathya & Jen (Music Directors)

“In these hard, misfortune and catastrophic times we hope Pottum Pogattume brings hope to people. We believe there is a light in the end of the tunnel.” -Logi (Director)