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“New Villain” in K-Town!


In Tamil cinema, Villains are revered as equal to the heroes.

Olden days villains like Nambiar, Veerappa, Ashokan reserve a special place in our hearts even now. We unconsciously get glued to the TV when mid-time villains like Raghuvaran, Sathyaraj and Prakash Raj appear on screen.

In this fashion, Tini Tom is all set to make his debut as a villain in Tamil  Cinema thru the movie ‘Operation Arapaima’.

Tini Tom is a famous Malayalam actor who has acted in many Malayalam films including Pancha Pandavar, Pattaalam, Branjiyetan and the Saint, Indian Rupee, Beautiful and Spirit.

He is now ready to play a villainous role opposite to actor Rahman in the movie ‘Operation Arapaima’.

Tini Tom is a versatile actor and also a mimicry artist just like Kalabavan Mani, who also came from the Malayalam cine industry.

It is to be noted that ‘Operation Arapaima’ is directed by Prash, who was a former Navy veteran.-Kumaresan :PRO