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Marupiranthaal ( Her Rebirth) – Yuvan Shankar Raja’s U1 Records brings yet another musical showpiece

Suresh Chandra:PRO
Yuvan Shankar Raja’s U1 Records has been briskly involved in the gesture of introducing new musical talents. The latest talent to get embellished through U1 Records is Dr. Shani Hafees’s “Marupiranthaal” (Her Rebirth), which has musical score by Yeldho P. John and lyrics penned by Ruxeena Musthafa and the mother and daughter duo Dr. Shani Hafees & Reyah Fatima on vocals. Dr. Shani Hafees holds additional credits of creating the concept, script and production. The video is directed by Adarsh N Krishna and Shani Hafees.

Featuring Renju Renjimaar, an acclaimed transgender celebrity makeup artist, social activist and a theatre artist along with Rose Sherin Ansari, the song focalizes on an emotional depiction that exists between a transgender woman and her foster daughter. The society has been always confined to the theory that it’s a woman, who has to always get accustomed according to the patriarchal attitudes, but instead, it’s the society that has to change and get civilized, thereby making ‘Women’ breathe in a source of freedom and happiness rather than imposing mental and emotional severity on them.

Abi Reji has handled cinematography for this song with Premsai Mukundan editing it.

Shani Hafees is a reputed Ayurveda doctor and Entrepreneur, acclaimed as the Founder of ‘Ayurdha Naturals’ , an Ayurveda medicine manufacturing company in Kerala. Apart from this, she happens to be the Founder & Managing Partner of Ayurdha Media House. ( Media Production company based in Kerala). With an immense passion towards poems, literature and music she has been vividly getting herself involved in such art forms, which includes a documentary film based on a social issue that she is currently working on.

‘Marupiranthaal’ has already won the International acclaims including the felicitation of ‘Winner Title’ at International Thai Film Festival, Bangkok ( Only music video officially selected from India), Calcutta International Cult Film Festival ( Entry for Golden Fox Awards), Buddha International Film Festival – Pune, Festigious International Film Festival, Los Angeles, ( Bronze medalist) Global Music Awards, California, Semi Finalist to Rome Prisma Awards – Italy. It was also officially selected for International Documentary & Short Film Festival of Kerala, AAB International Film Festival, Punjab, LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival – United States, International Short Film Festival of Pune, Chambal International Film Festival, Rajasthan and Jaipur International Film Festival 2020.