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I have lived another wonderful life and came back – Amala Akkineni.

“After 28 years I’m working with Dream Warrier Picture’s production in Tamil cinema” says Amala Akkineni.

Actress Amala is one of the leading actresses in the Tamil film industry in the 1980-90s. Her films together with Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan were huge hits. She has worked with many leading actors in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bollywood Industry. Many of her films have been featured on the hit list. She won the Filmfare Award for the Best Actress. As one single lady she entirely ruled ‘Karpoora Mullai’ movie by her acting skill, which released in 1991, directed by Fasil. After that, she married Telugu actor Nagarjuna. Later, She became the co-director of the Hyderabad Blue Cross. Actress Amala, who was not perfomed in movie after her marriage, will be now playing a vital role in the 18th production of Dream Warriors Pictures in Tamil and Telugu. Ritu Verma is paired opposite Sarvanant in the film. Naser, Satish, Ramesh Tilak and many others are also acting in this film. The film is directed by Sri Karthik.

The film crew said that, “It would be a reflection of the inseparable relationship between friendship and love.”

Actress Amala Akkineni posted on her Twitter page saying:

“An actor is blessed with many lives. Usually when I finish one movie and move on to the next, everyone is normal with no idea what I have done in the last 2 weeks. But, I remember that I lived in another wonderful life and came back. This is a big luck.”

Thus, Amala Akkineni posted on her Twitter page.JOHNSON:PRO