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Hansika who plays the heroism ‘character.


Sreesanth introduces famous cricketer in negative character.

Vijayasanthi, Nayanthara, Tapsy are famous heroin’s performed like heroes in the story. People have a lot in mind and have been successful in collection. Now Hansika has signed a similar story. It is a film that emphasizes the heroine as a whole. Sri vaari Film P. Ranganathan is producing the film with Yogibabu starring in the recently hit ‘Dharmaprabhu’. Horror, comedy, ghost, this story is set to entertain everyone.

Another highlight of this movie is cricketer Sreesanth debut in Tamil  in negative role .
The duo of the movie. Hari-Harish is a talented technician who has already directed films such as ‘Ambuli’, ” aaah“ and ‘Jambulingam’.  Planning to start on this December and The film is slated for release in the summer of 2020-JOHNSON PRO