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Gautham Vasudev Menon unveils Sathyaprakash’s independent single ‘Karmugile’

Karmugile Independent Track composed and Sung by D. Sathya Prakash written by Ahamed Shyam

Playback singer Sathyaprakash, the magical voice behind several chartbusters created by iconic music directors of our industry has never missed enchanting the listeners with his honeyed vocalisms. He has now come up with a beautiful composing and creation of an independent single  titled ‘Karmugile’, which is released by Gautham Vasudev Menon today
Sathyaprakash says, “Karmugile is the cloud that pours all that the world wishes for secretly and openly. This single is the celebration of rain and every other heart it favors. If those little drops alone ever felt musical to you, Karmugile is as good a tribute for all the good it brings! Get ready to be drenched in its beauty. I am extremely happy that Gautham Vasudev Menon sir favored us by launching this track. Being an ardent music and nature lover, it is really a blessing to have him unveil this song. I also extend my thanks to Ahamed Shyam for penning wonderful lyrics, which I would say is the soul of this song.”
Karmugile is produced by Sathyaprakash and Believe Presents that will surely impress the music lovers for its honeyed tunes.