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Frozen 2 Tamil Press Meet

The entire globe awaits the moment of experiencing  Frozen 2 for its inspiring tale and grandeur visuals.  With the film scheduled for worldwide release on November 22, 2019, Shruthi Hassan and Divyadarshini who have dubbed for the main characters in the film along with Lyricist Vivek who has penned dialogue in Tamil were present in Chennai for the media interaction session.

Lyricist Vivek, who is far famed for his outstanding songs in Tamil cinema has penned dialogues for the Tamil version of Frozen 2. Speaking on the occasion, he said, “I am so happy to be a part of a prestigious project from Disnep, especially a movie like Frozen 2. In particular, I am really elated to be a part of a film that has iconic Shruthi Hassan and Divyadarshini. They have carved a niche of excellence in their respective journey. Much alike the character of Elsa and Anna, they have been inspirations to many. This is the first time, I am penning dialogues for a film. We keep loosing many things in our life and one precious thing is that we lose ourselves as we grow up. What inspired me in Frozen 2 was the theme that focalizes on not loosing the humanity within. More than all, I was actually pressured and instigated by my wife not to miss the opportunity and I gave a try penning dialogues.”

Actor Sathyan, who has dubbed for the cute and celebrated character of Olaf  addressed the media and press through video. He said, “I am so much honored to be a part of this film. I owe a lot to Disnep team for getting me onboard to dub for the famous character of Olaf. It is really a phenomenal character as everyone likes it. I request not just kids, but even grown ups to watch the film on November 22.”

VJ-Actress Divyadarshini who has dubbed for the character ‘Anna’ said, “As soon as I got call from Disnep to dub for the character of ‘Anna’, I was really excited. For every kid from childhood, the characters in Disnep movies have been really inspiring, especially this one like this princess. Usually, the fairy tales depict princess as the one waiting for the prince to carry them away, but Frozen 2 empowers the character with such a brilliant shade of self discovery and accomplishing their dreams.”

Shruthi Hassan, who has given her voice for the protagonist character of Elsa said, “The reason why Frozen is so popular across the world is because it signifies an epitome of inspiration to many girls. The entire process of dubbing Elsa character was so much relaxing. The reach for the first part was so phenomenal that I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of being here in second part. She is a warrior girl and I am really fond off her. Personally, myself and my sister Askhara share a big bonding and this helped me a lot in dubbing the film. In addition, Divyadarshini has decorated the role of Anna with her voice. Vivek has given the best effort into writing, which made us all dub efficiently. Usually, I take one and half days to dub for my movies and  I completed Frozen in just one day.”Suresh Chandra:PRO