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Editor Ruben on “Hero”


Suresh Chandra:PRO

With the theatrical trailer of Sivakarthikeyan’s “Hero” getting the best acclaims, Editor Ruben feels elated and extends his appreciation towards his team. “All credit goes to PS Mithran for his clarity was perfect. Right from the beginning, we as a team had common ideas on how we are going to present the visual promos and now to see the warm reception gives us immense happiness,” says Editor Ruben. There happens to be yet other brilliant flash points in the trailer, where it doesn’t focus on Sivakarthikeyan alone, but equal prominence for other characters as well.  “I must thank Sivakarthikeyan for this. Being a big star, he never intervened anywhere in the editing, especially during the trailer cuts. He was very happy about the way, we had edited the trailer and full length film,” says Ruben as he extols SK for this gesture.

Speaking about the film, he adds, “Many have said this during the trailer launch and I don’t mind repeating it again for that’s that truth. More than a film, it’s a vision of PS Mithran and I really love the way, he conceptualizes an idea that holds a social value and presenting it engagingly. “Hero” will be a film that encompasses entertainment for the masses, but with a strong message, which I believe will surely influence the audiences. Especially, the stellar performances of actors along with commendable score of Yuvan Shankar Raja sir and George C William’s cinematography will be definitely appreciated.”

There has been a common statement by crew members of a film that Ruben is well known for deleting the songs and unwanted tracks if they look like hampering the film’s progression. He comes up with a laughter saying, “That sends me little shivers, if the directors are assuming me to be over authoritative, but I am happy they trust me. When it comes to “Hero”, it was a pretty difficult task as PS Mithran and his team writers had made every scene engaging. It looks like they wanted to pose a challenge of ‘Cut them if you can’. I am very much happy and satisfied with the way our “Hero” has shaped up and looking forward to see the final verdicts from audiences.”

Scheduled for worldwide release on December 20, 2019, “Hero” is Produced by Kotapadi J Rajesh for KJR Studios,  which also features Action King Arjun, Abhay Deol, Kalyani Priyadarshan and Ivana in lead roles alongside Sivakarthikeyan. Yuvan Shankar Raja (Music), George C Williams (Cinematography), Ruben (Editing), V Selvakumar (Art), Dhilip Subbararayan (Stunts), M.R.Pon Parthipan, Antony Bhagyaraj, Savari Muthu (Writers), Tapas Nayak (Sound Design), Rokesh and Pa. Vijay (Lyrics), Raju Sundaram & Sathish (Choreography),  Pallavi Singh (Costumes), Sivakumar S – Siva Digital Arts (Designs),  Lorven Studio, Mindstein (VFX) and T.Ezhumalaiyan (Executive Producer) are the technicians.