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Actress Ashima Narwal’s inspiring and cherishing travel diaries


Every time we embark on a journey, it’s bound to rejuvenate our body and enlive our soul. Such happens to be the beauteous experience of actress Ashima Narwal, who shares her lovely journey to sun-kissing beaches of Goa, and getting herself adhered to lap of nature.

Ashima shares on her experience saying, “To nourish and soothe my soul, mind, and heart, I decided to spend some time by nature, and they say beach is like meditation. Traveling, topped with learning new skills, felt like the best way to nurture my creative and spiritual self. And as you know, traveling is bae…! Relaxing in the lap of nature and opening up my mind to new levels of creativity is Travel’s gift to my journey as an actor. So, the cocktail with the base of adventure, the intoxicating mix of new dance skills, and the ice of relaxation was what my trip was all about.

Mom, my best partner for life, joined me in this exploration as well. We visited new places, met new people, enjoyed the sumptuous curries and seafood of Goa. This was accompanied by regular sessions of yoga, swimming in the ocean, practicing dance. And gazing at the hues of nature – the vast blue ocean below the crimson sun, and me, under the green shade of the trees. It was almost like embracing nature and being one with the universe. Maybe that is how I feel one with myself. The cherry on the palette was the love of my mom which I am so fortunate to have in my life. And oh, we got tattoos too..!!!

And I started to think…The salt in the air is the salt in your hair, from the dip you just took in the ocean..!!”

Winning praises for her dual roles in Vijay Antony’s Kolaigaran as Dharani and Aaradhana, she is now awaiting the release of her next film ‘Rajabheema’, which features her in female lead, opposite Arav. Currently, the film is at its post-production stage and announcements on her new projects will be made shortly.-Suresh Chandra:PRO