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Actor Gautham Karthik is still in seventh heaven

Finding happiness in the little things is  always a delight and such happens to be the experience of Gautham Karthik, whose micro-blogging page is spangled with lots of unconditional love for the particular video involving his video with kids. Ask the overwhelmingly gleeful Gautham Karthik and he says, “I am still in seventh heaven for having experienced such an incredulous gesture from the kids. I would say it was more than an auspicious occasion as I attended a couple of wedding ceremonies, fans meet and the wonderful moment with those kids at the Ashram. Although, these events were preplanned, the love and affection that I got during these occasions cannot be explained in words. It was glorious and beautiful.  Well, such an amazing experience has instilled in me a new beam of energy and positive vibes to proceed ahead.”
Suresh Chandra:PRO